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If you decide to come to Spain together or in a group, you have a few options:

  1. The parent/guardian can go to an adult program happening at the same time but at a different venue to the teen.
  2. The parent/guardian can travel with the teen, drop them off at the departure point and then leave them in our capable hands until they arrive back at the end of the week.
  3. You might be a teacher or a leader and want to bring a group of teenagers with you. We will accommodate groups of up to 4 teenagers on the same venue. If there are more volunteers in the same group, we will separate them into different programs so they can take full advantage of the experience.

Travelling to Pueblo Ingles in a Group?

If you’re coming in a group, remember to make sure that they have also completed an application form and have gone through steps to becoming a volunteer.

We should also point out that a week in Pueblo Inglés won’t be the same as a holiday where you can spend the day exploring or relaxing together. This is because most of the day you will be doing activities separated from one another.

What about Security?

At Pueblo Ingles we make it a priority to control and reduce the risks for our participants. This does not mean simply buying insurance and talking about safety, but the implementation of an entire system of methods and procedures that identifies possible problems that could arise and how best to address them.

In the event of an emergency while at Pueblo Ingles, parents will be notified in a timely fashion, and the child is assigned a program manager or an adult counselor to get him/her the required medical attention.

If your child is under 18 years old and travelling alone, we will arrange airport pick-up and drop-off as well as a chaperone from the moment they arrive in Madrid to the moment they leave.Thecounselors’ job is to ensure that everyone behaves, is in bed by curfew, and that there is no smoking, drinking or other inappropriate behavior taking place.

What are the Anglo Teens’ obligations to Pueblo Ingles?

Pueblo Ingles staff members will make sure your child has an enjoyable week and that everything runs smoothly. But ultimately, we cannot accept responsibility for unruly behaviour. Participants who cannot follow our simple rules may be asked to leave before the end of the program.

We need your help in reminding your child why they are attending Teen Pueblo Ingles. The volunteer teens are there to speak English with Spanish teenagers who want to improve their command of the English language. Your child’s participation will determine the success of their experience.

The teens’ behavior is one of the major keys to the success of the program. We expect all participants to conduct themselves in a civil manner and respect the other participants and counselors.

Before your child commits to participating, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they coming to Pueblo Ingles for the right reasons?
  • Is he/she a person who enjoys talking with different kinds of people?
  • Can you plan their trip to be in Madrid on the day before the program? Bear in mind that if your child is under 18, you will need to purchase a Welcome Pack and possibly a Departure pack.
  • Would your child be a good roommate? All participants will have to share a room with somebody of their same gender and similar age, and whenever possible with a Spanish participant. If they are travelling with a friend and have mentioned it in their application, we will take this into account when process your applications. However, sharing a room with their friend cannot be guaranteed.

Has your teen read and understood the objectives of Pueblo Ingles and the responsibilities they would have to fulfill?

What are the Parents’ obligations to Pueblo Ingles?

In order to maximize your child’s enjoyment/wellbeing, we need to know any medical issues/allergies or special dietary requirements they may have.

It is important to keep a copy of your child’s passport picture page as well as a list of any bank/credit cards they take to Spain in case of an emergency. Your child should keep a copy of the same documents while travelling. Should they require medical attention, they will need identification in order to be covered by our insurance policy.

If you are travelling with your child to Madrid, you must make your own way from and to the airport to whichever hotel you are staying at. Pick-ups and drop-offs are only for unaccompanied minors. You must also make sure that they are accompanied to the Welcome Reception (held the evening before the start of the program) and to the Teen Departure/Arrival Meeting Point.

If your child is travelling alone, be sure to consult your airline or travel agent regarding unaccompanied minor policies.

If the trip originates in the United States and the child is under 14 years of age, additional documents may be required regardless of whether they are accompanied by a parent. Check the US State Department web page for more information.

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