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Volunteer abroad program for Teens 

Pueblo Inglés | A language immersion program with a cultural twist

Can you imagine every nook and cranny of every street of every corner of a quaint Spanish town filled with teenagers from around the globe? Well such a place exists and it’s called Pueblo Ingles for Teens!

Thanks to our volunteer in europe for under 18 opportunities, Spaniards and native English-speaking teens chat, play sports, and hang out in our summer camps… and all in the name of English!

Since July 2004 we have welcomed thousands of volunteer teenagers to our little villages, where the official language is no longer Spanish.

We have greeted thousands of American, Canadian, Irish, British, Australian, South African and Kiwi teenagers who have enjoyed fabulous days in the land of Don Quixote.

A fun and rewarding experience is offered in exchange for your English conversation.

  • Teen volunteers can enjoy a free week at one of our English-speaking villages. Our venues host English “talkathons” every summer and we sponsor native English-speakers to be the protagonists!
  • Every summer, a group of volunteers from around the world “populate” one of our beautiful hotel resorts and provide conversation in English, through a funny daily schedule. Spaniards are there to practice and improve their English in a natural way.
  • Our volunteers do not have to teach English in a traditional format; they just have to bring a positive attitude, a passion for conversation and an interest in learning about people from different countries and cultures.
  • Diversity plays a key role at Pueblo Ingles: firstly, in the way our volunteer groups are so mixed (different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, etc); and secondly in the way the daily schedule is so varied to keep things fresh and exciting.
  • Activities change every hour to keep it fun and engaging.

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    This is a perfect opportunity to participate in volunteer abroad programs for high school students.

    If you are between 13 and 17 years of age, want to come to Spain and meet a ton of fun and interesting people your age, YOU could be the perfect volunteer!

    In order to be a volunteer teenager at Pueblo Ingles, you need to be a native English speaker (US, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa…), have a friendly, outgoing nature and be willing to help Spanish students practice English in a fun environment.

    Your role in the volunteer abroad teen program

    Your job will not be to “teach” English; it will be to “expose” your Spanish friends to the English language by being talkative, inquisitive, and fun. Most of the Spaniards speak pretty good English but have not used the language much in real life situations. They need to build their confidence and know that they can speak and communicate with others in English. Your role will be to talk and listen, and to be patient and understanding!

    You will need to be talktative, inquisitive and fun!

    Part of your job at Pueblo Ingles is to make sure that the Spaniards don’t group together and start speaking Spanish. Keep a close watch on small groups quietly talking amongst themselves without an Anglo in sight. Oh, and if we catch YOU speaking Spanish, we will order your head chopped off and placed on a pike in the town square! Only ENGLISH in Pueblo Ingles please!!!



    There are a million and one reasons why you will love Pueblo Ingles!

    • You will have the opportunity to meet intriguing people from English speaking countries around the world.
    • You will be able to chat with Spaniards from all parts of the country and find out about their lives and their culture.
    • You will stay at a beautiful venue in the heart of the countryside.
    • You will be able to sample the local produce and cuisine offered in plentiful quantities.
    • You will forge friendships for life.

    It’s also a chance for you to be responsible and proactive, which will look great on your CV/resume. Students who are required to earn volunteer credits will be awarded 100 hours for their participation. Your award certificate can be used for your school record of achievement.

    Our English speaking teen volunteers have to be dedicated to the program, and abide by the following rules:


    The Spanish participants are all fun-loving teens who are eager to practice and improve their English. They love the language and want tomeet people from all over the world.They look for an environment of diversity and co-operation where native English speakers will be patient, friendly and committed to the Pueblo Ingles objectives.

    Depending on the venue, there will be between 50 and 120 Spanish and Volunteer participants. There is always a mix of 13 to 17 year-olds from all over Spain.


    All of our daily activities are organized for you so you’ll never have to plan further ahead than your next fun activity or delicious meal!

    Volunteers have one-hour “one-to-one”conversation sessions with each of the students attending.  During this time each pair decides if they would prefer to go for a walk, relax in the hotel lounge, grab a coffee – whatever they fancy! Additionally there will be “Icebreakers”, theatre, group activities, music, arts & crafts, sports, half-day excursion, fun fair, a special party.

    During your free time you can go to the swimming pool, play basketball, tennis and football or go for a walk or run. Fear not, in the evenings there will be plenty of surprises too!



    Our volunteering vacancies are at stunning locations around Spain. The venues are diverse and are surrounded by nature and outdoor spaces. Our volunteers are transported to their course venues from  Madrid.

    We have +10 venues available for Pueblo Inglés Teens. Take a look below!

    Villas with the typical traditional architecture of the area located next to the Sierra de Francia.

    Located in a renovated oil and textile factory from the 19th century.

    The Tourist Village of Priego de Córdoba is located in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park



    We have regular programs running from mid-January through to the end of November with a higher concentration of programs taking place during the summer months. This is when the Teen programs kick in, only available in the month of July.

    Programs usually take place over 8 days or 2 weeks.  If there aren’t any dates indicated for a specific venue that means that there aren’t any programs scheduled there.

    Pueblo Inglés Teens Experience through the videos

    What do I have to do to be part of the program?

    The first step is to carefully read our “Plan your trip” section. There you will find all the information regarding the steps to apply and other important details of the program.

    If you have any questions, you can also consult our FAQS section.

    Are you ready to apply?

    If you’ve been to a Pueblo Inglés before just click on the Apply Form for Veterans. If you’ve never been to a Pueblo Inglés volunteer program before, please apply by clicking the Apply Form for New Applicants button.


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