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Volunteer Abroad Programs for Adults

Pueblo Inglés | Unique, fun and rewarding experience for volunteers from all around the world.

So you would like to volunteer abroad and get to know different people and cultures? How about teaching English in Spain or Germany? Our language immersion courses offer a unique opportunity to volunteer in Europe.


  • Volunteer abroad with free accomodation for a week at one of our English-speaking villages. Our venues host English “talkathons” every week and we sponsor native English-speakers to be the protagonists!
  • A fun and rewarding experience is offered in exchange for your English conversation.
  • In each week-long program, a group of 15-25 volunteers (from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, etc) “populate” one of our beautiful hotel resorts and provide conversation in English, through a diverse daily schedule. Germans/Spaniards adults are there to practice and improve their English in a natural way.
  • Our volunteers do not have to teach English in a traditional format; they just have to bring a positive attitude, a passion for conversation and an interest in learning about people from different countries and cultures.
  • Diversity plays a key role at Puelo Ingles: firstly, in the way our volunteer groups are so mixed (different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, etc); and secondly in the way the daily schedule is so varied to keep things fresh and exciting.
  • Activities change every hour to keep it fun and engaging. One-to-one conversation periods are mixed with mealtime discussions, group sessions and evening entertainment.

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    The program represents a great opportunity for all native English-speakers who want to spend a week abroad for free enjoying culture, conversation, and connecting with people.

    All native English-speakers + 18 years old are encouraged to apply, regardless of profession, ethnic background or religion. If you are fun, chatty and enjoy meeting people, then you could be the perfect volunteer!

    • Do you love conversation (up to 15 hours per day!)?
    • Are you patient & supportive enough to help the language learners?
    • Are you armed with stories and experiences?
    • Do you have an intellectually stimulating character?

    If the answer is yes, we are looking forward to meeting you!

    Adult volunteer profiles:

    • 31-year-old Software Developer from Australia
    • 40-year-old Registered Nurse from Ireland
    • 23-year-old Political Science Student from Canada
    • 33-year-old Writer from South Africa
    • 65-year-old retired Professor of Art History from Scotland
    • 45-year-old Wedding Planner from California
    • 70-year-old TV Presenter and Journalist from England
    • 27-year-old Fashion Designer from Wales
    • 38-year-old Epidemiologist from Seattle
    • 45-year-old Production Manager from NY


    • A unique insight into the culture without having to speak the country’s language. Our Volunteers get to know the students on a level that would otherwise be impossible without learning the language.
    • Our tranquil and stunning locations offer something different to the typical holiday destinations. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, are venues are bucolic and even magical.
    • The chance to get to know a group of diverse individuals from all walks of life and to form long-lasting friendships.
    • The chance to enjoy full active days without having to plan anything yourself. You can simply go with the flow!

    And, above all, the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve had a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals.

    discover spanish culture in a volunteering for adults
    locations to volunteer in europe for adults
    making friends in an adult volunteer experience
    volunteer activities for adults

    Our English speaking volunteers have to be dedicated to the program, and abide by the following rules:

    student profil in a volunteering abroad for adults


    Each program involves between 15 to 25 students and similar number of volunteers. There is nearly always a diverse mix of ages, gender and professions. The students normally come from around Spain (or Germany in the case of Englischhausen).  Approximately 80% of the students are between 30 and 50 years old.

    Whether they are sent by their employer, or pay out of their own pocket, they see the program as an opportunity for both career and personal development, as well as a chance to make friends from all over the world!  All of them will be grateful for your hard work, which will be evident in their warm and friendly approach despite the tiredness and mental overload that is sure to be inflicted on them!


    All of our daily activities are organized for you so you’ll never have to plan further ahead than your next fun activity or delicious meal!

    Volunteers have one-hour “one-to-one”conversation sessions with each of the students attending.  During this time each pair decides if they would prefer to go for a walk, relax in the hotel lounge, grab a coffee – whatever they fancy! Additionally there will be “Icebreakers”, theatre skits, group games/challenges, telephone-based activities and an excursion or group-walk.

    Mealtimes are an important part of the daily schedule as they provide a great opportunity for the students to practise dynamic conversation in what is often a vibrant atmosphere.  Anglos enjoy the good company and fantastic local food!


    These 50-minute sessions give you the chance to chat to every student about anything and everything. You’ll be amazed by the interesting and diverse conversations that come up over a coffee or a stroll.

    Telephone sessions

    Anglos and students play out a couple of short role-play scenarios over the telephone. It is all explained in advance and meant to give students a chance to train their ears.

    Group activities

    Split into small groups, these fun one-hour sessions see participants working together with a specific goal, be it to debate, convince, discover or deceive!

    Entertainment hour

    Normally a chance to sit back and enjoy entertainment from your fellow participants, you will also have the chance to present a topic of your choice, dazzle everyone with your theatrical or musical abilities, or to showcase some kind of other talent you might have!

    Free Time

    During your free time you can go to the swimming pool, play basketball, tennis or football, go for a little walk or run, or even have a “siesta”!

    volunteer schedule for adults in pueblo ingles


    We invite all our volunteers to eat delicious Spanish food and enjoy a live flamenco show the day before the start of the program. An exclusive event for our volunteers where you will have the opportunity to meet the other volunteers and members of the Pueblo Inglés team who will spend the next 8 days of the program with you.
    Sounds good? This is just the beginning of a great adventure in Pueblo Inglés!

    flamenco dancer in welcome reception for volunteers sala temple



    Our volunteering vacancies are at stunning locations around Spain and Germany. The venues are diverse and offer the chance to get off the beaten touristic track, to beautiful areas of countryside. Our volunteers are transported to their course venues from hub cities like Madrid, Valencia, Munich and Frankfurt (The departure points are different depending on the venue or country you are visiting). So it’s a great chance to combine an interesting city-visit with rural and cultural elements.

    volunteer location at abadia de los templarios spain
    Salamanca (Spain)

    Villas with the typical traditional architecture of the area located next to the Sierra de Francia, a true natural paradise.

    volunteer location at doña teresa spain
    Salamanca (Spain)

    Traditional-style luxury hotel located in the historic center of La Alberca with spectacular views of the mountains.

    Segovia (Spain)

    The Casón de la Pinilla is located in the province of Segovia, 100km from Madrid. Segovia is a medieval city that lays high on a hill in between two rivers.


    Located in a comfortable country house surrounded by forests, fields and meadows.


    The hotel is surrounded by the forest and fields of the fourth largest natural park in Germany. An enviable natural environment.



    Volunteer vacancies are available throughout the year, which makes them ideal for English speakers planning a trip in Europe – particularly Germany or Spain.

    Once you have applied to be a volunteer, you will receive our seasonal updates regarding program dates and availability.

    Volunteer vacancies are usually 6-8 days but duration does vary depending on the type of program or location.

    What do I have to do to be part of the program?

    The first step is to carefully read our “Plan your trip” section. There you will find all the information regarding the steps to apply and other important details of the program.

    If you have any questions, you can also consult our FAQS section.

    Are you ready to apply?

    If you’ve been to a Pueblo Inglés before just click on the Volunteer Zone button below. If you’ve never been to a Pueblo Inglés volunteer program before, please apply by clicking the button below to register.


    Molly Madan
    Anglo volunteer from India

    “I am from New Delhi, India and I had been looking for a volunteer experience to do abroad. Pueblo Inglés was a truly amazing experience….both at Laubach (Frankfurt) and at Avila (Madrid) ! The stay at both the places was very comfortable in stunningly beautiful locations. Daily activities were enjoyable, unique and full of fun. I am already looking forward to being there again.”

    Ashley Presti
    Anglo volunteer from USA

    “Over the last 10 days, I planned to help teach 25 students and enjoy some travel with my aunt. What I did not expect, is what THEY taught and revived back in me. I now left with 48 framily members for life from Dubai, Australia, Spain, England, Canada and in the US. The most heartwarming and positive memories to forever keep in my soul. Laughing, crying, conversating for hours and hours with positive likeminded others. I missed this, feels good to be back and continue seeing the world and laughing with incredible humans. What you put out is what you get back (x10) I will be back and I highly recommend this life changing program!”

    Elizabeth Saadeh
    Anglo volunteer from Australia

    ” It’s such an opportunity to meet very interesting people, both the “students” and Anglos. A quite varied and intensive program but also great fun. I love the theatre aspect. Food and accommodation marevellous too. I look forward to next year!”

    Linda Gross
    Anglo volunteer from USA

    “Wonderful program. I met lovely people from Spain and volunteers from all over the world. Beautiful location! Rachel and Sam organized and ran a fabulous week of learning with games, presentations, theatre and fun skits. Hope to do this program again!”

    Gary Owens
    Anglo volunteer from Australia

    “I had a wonderful experience and enjoyed it thoroughly. Amelia and Mattis were fabulous and kept everyone informed and up to date with a smile. They made everyone so welcome and kept everything running like clockwork. When I accepted your late offer to join the program for 8 to 15 July , I had no idea how much I would enjoy it . It really was a lot of fun. I hope to come back again when you have a program running and I am in Spain.”

    David Ryan
    Anglo volunteer from USA

    “A very enjoyable week at a small inn in the province of Segovia. While our group was small, the conversations kept flowing the entire week. Due to the small group we were able to take several excursions off site and see a couple of local villages. These programs are always a joy to attend and provide thoughtful  conversations with our Spanish partners.”

    Roger Womack
    Anglo volunteer from England

    “I highly recommend the experience.  Total immersion for the Spaniards and an opportunity to help them with their English.  We had “one to one” sessions interspersed with group activities, telephone and conference calls and of course lots of food.  I really enjoyed the trips out to restaurants and to see more of the Spanish culture as well.”

    Kathy Tiernan
    Anglo volunteer from USA

    “Life-changing only begins to describe my two Pueblo Ingles programs. Being on my own in a country I’d never visited was daunting at first, but once I met other volunteers and students it quickly proved that I was exactly where I needed to be – sharing stories and hearing the stories of the students opened my heart to a new way to view the world. “

    Dan Myles
    Anglo volunteer from Canada

    “My first impression, before coming to this program, was that I was primarily going to be focusing on communicating English and would have no time for anything else.  What I was not aware of is how much I would learn about the wonderful people of Spain and their culture.  By the end of our conversation we became best friends and some have become my Spanish brothers and sisters.  I know we will stay connected and some of us will get together again.  As a Volunteer I have come out of this program more enriched and I have a deeper understanding and connection with the Spanish culture.”

    Tommy Thompson
    Anglo volunteer from South Africa

    “Pueblo Inglés is about meeting new people, building new relationships, not only the Spanish students, but also the Anglo volunteers. It’s the people that make it a very human experience, the MCand Program Director, together with the staff all helps to make the week such a memorable week.”

    Pueblo Inglés Volunteer
    Anglo volunteer from United Kingdom

    “Whether you are 18 or 80 or somewhere in between. Why take the opportunity to volunteer for the Pueblo Inglés program? I someone nearer to the lotto number it was a great, rewarding experience. Providing not only a week of fun and laughter but a modern opportunity to interact relate and communicate with a wide range of German and Spanish people of all ages who are committed to improving the knowledge and use of English. Whatever work you do or have done is useful, in my case special education and tribunal regulation. The real gift for a volunteer is the privilege of being, for a short time, part of a vibrant energetic international community.”

    Pueblo Inglés Volunteer
    Anglo volunteer from Canada

    “Everything about the program impressed me: the beautiful location, the accommodations, the food, the staff (Sam, the MC, and Sabela, the program director, were fantastic! And the wait staff was terrific too), the amazing variety in the programming, and all the creative ideas they had to get people engaged in both meaningful conversations and fun activities – what a fantastic way to improve the students’ English! And everything was very well organized.”

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