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Discover our language immersion program for native English Speakers

A language immersion program is an experiential learning technique where the student, in this case Spanish or German, is exposed to English for a long period of time (6 or 8 days) while living with native English speakers.

That is why in this european volunteer program, native English-speaking volunteers are the fundamental key to the success of the program: They help us create an environment where only English is spoken in a natural and real way for the student. This provides an intensive language experience that helps improve English quickly and effectively.

Since 2001, thousands of native English speakers (or “Anglos” as we refer to them), have come from all over the world to participate in our volunteer program in Europe for free and immerse Spanish/German speaking professionals in an authentic conversation in English.

Our volunteers do not have to teach English in a traditional format; they just have to bring a positive attitude, a passion for conversation and an interest in learning about people from different countries and cultures.

Diversity plays a key role at Pueblo Ingles: firstly in the way our volunteer groups are so mixed (different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, etc); and secondly in the way the daily schedule is so varied to keep things fresh and exciting.

Our volunteer programs in Europe:

Pueblo Ingles Adults

Would you like to volunteer abroad in europe and meet different people and cultures? Our language immersion courses offer a unique opportunity to volunteer for adults in beautiful places surrounded by nature in Spain and Germany.

Duration: Our programs run throughout the year for 8 days (Spain) or 6 days (Germany).

Ages: +22 years old

Pueblo Ingles Twenty

Do you want to enjoy university life to travel and meet people in a different and fun way while you volunteer? Pueblo Ingles Twenty is our volunteer program in europe for university students and twentysomethings.

Duration: Our programs run in July for 8 days in Spain.

Ages: from 18 to 23 years old

Pueblo Ingles Teens

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in europe? Fancy traveling to other countries while getting to know people your same age? Would you like a week or two of fun holidays in Spain?

Duration: Our volunteer teen programs run in July for 8 o 16 days in Spain.

Ages: from 13 to 17  years old

Why is importat to speak only English in this volunteer work in Europe?

Our clients are looking to learn English in the most engaging way. Since there are no classroom techniques, nor grammar-based activities, you, as their English speaking counterpart, must be up for the challenge of motivating conversation which taps into their likes, their loves and their hates. We ask the students to forget about grammar just talk!

We promise our clients that this will be a 100% English atmosphere and the presence of bilingual English Speakers is detrimental to the program. The moment a student has an inkling that they can be understood in their own language it jeopardizes completely the psychology and mindset that the program is designed to create. English must be everywhere with absolutely no escape!

English volunteers motivate students by tapping into their loves and hates.

This volunteer program in Europe include:

free accomodation for volunteers in europe

Free Accommodation

all meals includes in the volunteer program in europe

All meals and drinks included

transport to the location include in the volunteer program in Europe

 Transport to and from the venue by coach

welcome reception for volunteers in the european program

Spain Welcome Reception with spanish food & flamenco

Who can participate in our volunteer abroad in Europe? 

We have a rather broad age limit for participants at Pueblo Inglés: we accept applications from men and women from 22 to over 80! (13 to 17 year olds for the Teen program & 18 to 23 years old for Twenty program)

You must be internet savvy (the whole application process is done online), organized and proactive enough to plan your trip. Unfortunately most of the sites are limited, for people with mobility problems.

During your stay at Pueblo Inglés (in Spain) or Englischhausen (in Germany), you will have around 12 hours of conversation a day and sometimes even more! If you are friendly, communicative and think you can help the students feel at ease while they are out of their comfort zone, then volunteering with Pueblo Inglés is definitely for you.

How do I volunteer in Europe?

If you want to volunteer in Europe with Pueblo Inglés you will have to help us ensure that the Spanish/German participants have full exposure to English, so your volunteering work will consist of:

  • Talking, talking & more talking – in one-to-one & group activities.
  • Speaking your own personal, raw and authentic style of English.
  • Encouraging students to speak & correcting their mistakes.
  • Being patient and supportive to help the students gain confidence.

Our volunteering program abroad is designed in a way that allows you to just slip right in and go with the flow.  You just have to get here!

Who are the on-site staff in the european volunteer program?

During the volunteering in Europe all of the activities are led by a Program Director and a Master of Ceremonies, who will accompany you on each program. We have a team of about 10-12 people (teachers, actors, guides) who work our programs throughout the year.

Their 24 hour job is to guide the participants through the days and their activities. They will have the charisma and patience to work with the group, as well as the sensitivity to listen to the individual needs.

After every program they will provide individual feedback on each of the participants’ performance.

  • The Program Director makes sure everything runs smoothly.
  • The Master of Ceremonies keeps everyone entertained.

Two staff members will be guiding the activities and taking care of the group throughout the program

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