Volunteering for teens in Aldeaduero Spain

Aldeaduero – Salamanca

The thousand year-old village of Aldeaduero is situated in the Salto de Saucelle, a beautiful area on the banks of the river Duero that runs along the borders of Spain and Portugal. Although its history goes back to Arabic occupation, the 20th century saw it converted into a hydroelectric plant powered by the Duero river. The village of Aldeaduero was established to house and provide leisure for the plant’s workers and their families for a period of over 40 years. The site has been renovated to modern day standards and is well-known as the premier hospitality and leisure complex in the area. The village has plenty of green areas to enjoy games and activities and a fantastic pool for those lovely warm days!

The acccommodation for volunteers in Spain

The apartments are set in a lush green area in a contained complex and are close to the pool and communal meeting/dining area. In the complex of Aldeaduero there are basketball, handball, tennis and padel courts. An impressive outdoor pool is great for cooling off in the afternoon. The area is served by a large restaurant and communal living area for the group sessions.

 What does volunteering in Aldeaduero, Spain include?


Duration: 8 days in 1st category rural accommodation.
Accommodation regime: full board
Transportation: round trip to the venue from Madrid.


Be between 13 and 17 years old
Want to talk, have fun and meet people from all over the world!

transport-icon Transport included in your volunteering

All the venues of Pueblo Inglés are quiet places, located in a natural and privileged environment, spread throughout the Spanish geography.

Bus from Madrid to Aldeaduero
Travel time from Madrid is 5 hours.

This resort has no shops near, so please plan ahead!

weather-iconWeather in teen volunteer programs in Aldeaduero

During summer Salamanca is beautiful. Warm and sunny skies see temperatures ranging from 20°C – 35°C. A warm jacket is essential during this time as the evenings can get cool.

 Volunteering recommended for

This venue offers the most space and facilities of all our sites to date. Those coming for the first time will be delighted with the offering here and if you love the outdoors then this is the site to pick! For those that have been to the other sites previously it might be time for a change of scenery!

When are the teen volunteer programs in Spain?

Pueblo Inglés for teens takes place during the month of July. To confirm the dates take a look at the calendar.

How do I register for the Spain teen volunteer program?

Click on See Full Year Calendar to see all program dates.

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