Volunteering in Doña Teresa Spain

Doña Teresa – La Alberca

The Doña Teresa venue is located in the town of La Alberca, well known for its traditions and customs that date back to the 15th Century. It was also the first village in Spain to be declared a National Heritage Site in 1940. The medieval village still preserves its architecture, especially in the town center.  You can also find expert blacksmiths and traditional artisans who, still to this day, excel at special crafts such as embroidery, woodwork, ceramics, and iron work. La Alberca is located only 70 km from Salamanca with a population of a little less than 1,200 and attracts tourists from all over.

The acccommodation for volunteers in Spain

The venue we refer to as “Doña Teresa” is the Doña Teresa Hotel. Here participants a can enjoy the plentiful flowers and rustic nature of the hotel’s architecture, as well as some nearby paths that head out from the edge of town into the rolling hills.  With its location on the edge of town, in a hop, skip and a jump you can meander through any part of this quaint, charming medieval village.

 What does volunteering in La Alberca, Spain include?


Duration: 8 days in 1st category rural accommodation.
Accommodation regime: full board
Transportation: round trip to the venue from Madrid.


Be +18 years old
Want to talk and meet people from all over the world!

transport-icon Transport included in your volunteering

All the venues of Pueblo Inglés are quiet places, located in a natural and privileged environment, spread throughout the Spanish geography.

By bus from Madrid.
Travel time from Madrid is 4 hours.

weather-iconWeather in volunteer programs in La Alberca

During the summer Salamanca is beautiful. Warm and sunny skies see temperatures ranging from 17°C – 35°C (62°F – 95°F). During fall and winter months Salamanca can get quite breezy and rain showers are common, not to mention the possibility of a dusting of snow if cold fronts hits just right.  An umbrella and warm jacket are essential items during this time when temperatures range from around 0°C (32°F) during the night to 14°C (57°F) during the daytime.

  Volunteering recommended for

This venue offers the chance to enjoy the village during the week.  Depending on your normal level of physical activity you should be aware that this site is quite hilly as the hotel is situated in the mountains. If you get off the beaten track you’ll be exercising more than just your vocal chords!

When are the volunteer programs in Spain?

We have several Pueblo Inglés programs throughout the year. To confirm the dates take a look at the calendar.

How do I register for the Spain adult volunteer program?

If you’ve been to a Pueblo Inglés before just click on the Volunteer Zone button below. If you’ve never been to a Pueblo Inglés volunteer program before, please apply by clicking the button below to register. Click on See Full Year Calendar to see all program dates.

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