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You probably have ten million and one questions so we’ve come up with a list of the most frequent ones to help you out!

Please read it carefully before applying. We respond to over thousands of emails a month and try to get back to all applications in a timely manner, but if you don’t help us here, it’s virtually impossible to respond as fast as we would like to. Thanks in advance!

In the application form you will have a drop down menu with the full list. This does not mean spaces are still available in every program, but we keep programs open to take people on in case we need people for the waiting list.

You can apply for a program as soon as our program calendar is released (usually between Oct-Nov) for the following year. Only the dates viewable on the website and application form are available.

If a person has never been to the program before, we do not allow it. Our logic being while the program is stimulating and fun, it is also tiring. We need to ensure that we provide our Spanish clients with fresh Anglos, ready to talk the hind legs off a donkey. We therefore only allow veterans (people who have been before) to sign up for two weeks.

The program is exactly the same in all venues. All venues have the same type of facilities and meet our high standards, check the venue section to read about each of them.

Of course you can! It’s always worth applying last minute if you are keen on a certain date, though you are more likely to be accepted onto a program if you apply in advance because a lot of programs fill up quickly!

Check out the program objectives and commitments sections of our website. Your application form is what we use to help us decide if you are eligible to join the program, so it’s worth taking some time over your answers in section 4 (Profile Information – Tell us about yourself!). We would recommend you draft your answers elsewhere (e.g. on email or Word), and then cut and paste the answers into the form, otherwise the session could time out.

We promise the students that the volunteers don’t speak their language – it’s vital to the program.   So, if you do speak the language, ask yourself: Can I go through the program without uttering a word?  Only if you are certain that you will not be tempted to practice should you apply.  So remember the number one rule of the program….English only please!

Do not begin to make any bookings until we have sent you your booking email. The booking email will instruct you to begin planning your trip. Along with the booking email you will get some travel/accommodation tips AND a deadline to inform us of your travel details. Please be sure to stick to the deadline.

Please remember not to make any reservations until you have received an email with the word “Booked” in the title.

You will need to arrive in the city of departure at least the night before the program begins. This is to ensure that you make it in time for the bus to the venue the next morning.

Most volunteers attend our welcome reception the day before the program. If you would like to attend, you will need to arrive either by the morning or early afternoon.

Your return travel to your home destination should not be booked for any earlier than 9.00pm on the final day of your program.

However, please check program specifics in your Volunteer Zone, also known as the “Personal Program Page” before making any bookings.

We provide you with information, recommendations and advice, but we do not make any bookings. Unfortunately we cannot always answer questions relating to very specific or personalized travel itineraries.

You will cover the costs of your flights and you would need to either arrange your accommodation before and after the program (for minors travelling with parent/ guardian), or book the Welcome Pack and Departure Pack at an interesting rate (for unaccompanied minors).

Our company will transport to and from the venue, full room and board in a shared room during the program. You will be covered by an accident policy while participating in the program. The only expenses you may have once you’re on the bus to Pueblo Ingles are between-meal snacks, drinks or refreshments or medication required from nearby village pharmacies. We would recommend that by the time you board the bus, you have a minimum of 30 €.

If you are an EU, American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand citizen, you do not need a VISA to enter Spain. If you enter the country by air, they’ll stamp your passport and they may randomly select passengers to answer a few questions. The passport stamp allows you a three-month maximum tourist stay.If you fly from an international airport in the European Union (except Britain) you will probably not go through passport control at all. Be sure to have your passport up to date. Make 1 to 2 copies of passport and I.D. before leaving!In the unfortunate event that they get lost or stolen, your embassy will ask you for this. Citizens of countries other than the ones listed above should check the entry requirements with the Spanish embassy.

The application process is completely online and you will require an email address in order to apply. If your applications are too brief, we will not get the feeling that you could chat your way through 12 hours per day!

In the APPLICATION FORM you need to fill out all of the required fields (with the red asterisk *) in each section across the top before clicking ‘Submit Application’

We don’t want your work to ‘time out’, so we would recommend you draft your answers elsewhere (e.g. on email or Word), and then cut and paste the answers into the form. If you try to submit the application before filling everything in an error message will occur. This may mean that you still need to provide further details in other sections. Click on each section to see what fields are still required. Be sure to select the correct date and venue when applying.

We make every attempt to review applications as soon as possible. Ideally, we would like to get back to you within 3 to 4 weeks. However, processing time ranges from 1 day to 8 weeks, depending on the proximity of program you select and the current demand. Please excuse us of we exceed this time. It doesn’t mean we have forgotten about you, it means we have too many applications!

We love to receive applications from people who have been Anglos before. If you are a veteran (i.e. someone who has worked as a volunteer previously), you do not have to complete another application form. Just select dates and your request will be processed with priority. Unfortunately however, even being a veteran we cannot always guarantee a place in your program selection.

After you have completed section 1, click onto the tab saying section 2, complete and so on. If you try to submit the application before filling everything in an error message will occur. This may mean that you still need to provide further details in other sections. Click on each on each section to see what else is required.

The best thing is to open an email account as all of our communication is done via e-mail, but if you don’t want to do this, it’s probably best to use a friend/partner´s email address, preferably someone who checks their messages frequently.

We receive thousands of applications from volunteers from all over the world. Please excuse us if at times there is a delay in getting back to you. It doesn’t mean we have forgotten about you, it means we have too many applications!

We have a priority process when responding to emails. Before emailing us with any questions, be sure to check the answer is not on our website!

If you book the Welcome Pack, you will be collected from the arrivals door at the airport according to the flight details you have provided us. A counselor will be waiting with a sign saying “Pueblo Ingles” so that you can identify us. We will collect all the participants that are arriving at the same/similar times to you. You will then be taken to the group hotel where the rest of the group will be staying. If you are under 18, you must stay in the group hotel, as this is where the supervising counselors will be.

After you check in, you will be able to rest and freshen up to be ready in the lobby for games and ice-breakers until it’s time for the group activities. After lunch, you would be taken on a Madrid city tour.  All participants with the welcome pack must attend, besides it’s the only chance on the program that you will get to see Madrid! After that, you will be accompanied back to the group hotel, where you will have time to go back to your room to freshen up before the next activity.

For those not staying at the group hotel, you will not be able to join the group for the daytime activities unless otherwise indicated.

When it’s time for the Welcome Reception the whole group will meet and greet each other together with the staff. Then, you all have dinner at a hotel restaurant.

If you fly out on the last day of the program, the coach will take you directly to the airport and minors will be accompanied by a counselor to check in and escort them to the departure lounge.  If you cannot fly out on the last day of the program, all minors must request a Departure Pack.  This will include a night’s stay at the group hotel, evening dinner, breakfast (and lunch and transport to the airport. The prices are inclusive. You will also be accompanied by a counselor throughout this period.

We provide a Welcome pack and departure pack to all participants.This is compulsory for minors travelling without parents/guardians. This includes:

  • Airport pick-up by a counselor
  • Lunch
  • A city tour by an experienced tour guide
  • Dinner
  • A night’s stay in the group hotel
  • Breakfast on the morning of departure from Madrid.

If you are an unaccompanied minor, we organize a Welcome and Departure Pack, which includes: airport pick-up and drop-off, chaperoning in Madrid the day before the program (for Welcome Pack) and the day after; lunch and tour of Madrid, welcome reception and dinner, and a shared room in the group hotel.

This needs to be pre-booked with the organization and paid upon arrival in Madrid.

During the program, mobile phone use is discouraged and permitted only in the participant’s room during free time. In general, it can be difficult to reach your child because the hotel phone will not be available to them at all times. There is one computer with internet available for use by the participants. There should also be Wifi available.

The best times to call would be between 15:00-16:30 local Spanish time or after 22:00 (we will provide you with the contact details of the resort). It would be better if you asked your teen to call home at an agreed time. By using a calling card, it will cost them a lot less than via mobile phones.

You will be covered by an accident and medical insurance for the full stay in Spain with us (day before the program – duration of the program – a day after the program). You will be taken to the local clinic for minor illness (fever, stomach ache) or minor injuries or to the general hospital for emergencies where x-rays or further care is required. Our policy does not cover the cost of medicine, so please take this into account. Bring the usual medicine you take when you get a stomach ache, a headache etc..
Furthermore, we recommend you get travel insurance– either from the airlines (some rates are just $20!) or from a private travel insurance with rates as low as $1 per day.

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